About Mad House

Why MadHouse?

Well if we’re talking about the name, it’s always been our belief that Madness is central to being passionate, unique and brilliant. And having a bunch of people who fit this description under one roof is bound to be magic, so we reckon you’re crazy if you don’t.

The essence of MadHouse

At its core, MadHouse is a community of content creatives and thought leaders. We are here to inform, entertain, and examine the human experience. We are here to listen and to learn. We are here to share knowledge and experience. Many of our contributors could be described as ‘Rockstars’ who don’t play instruments lol. Although, in the truest sense, I suppose our music is the crafty way we uniquely express ourselves as members of the MadHouse community.

How do we do it?

We do it by thinking on paper, submitting it, discussing it, editing it, and posting it. After that, we share it, commune around it – both online and at awesome events. It’s simple really – we create, share, and discuss – and this is when the real learning takes place. And when we improve as individuals, we get better as a collective.

Why is our community different from other publication-type setups?

  • First of all, our community is a true community – not just a group of writers who submit articles and don’t talk to each other – correct us if you think we are wrong on this but that seems to be the majority of so-called Contributor Communities. Whilst we are new kids on the block here we think that’s fair to say.


  • There’s a MadHouse Slack Channel to submit and discuss articles (we don’t hide behind an editorial email address although you can still flick us articles to lunatic@madhouse.pub if you prefer)


  • We run topical events for open discussion and unique activities to help break new ground and help our community learn and grow.


  • There are 8 publications currently under our umbrella right now which gives multiple opportunities for content creatives as the magazines bridge an array of topics and age groups.


A word from one of our Founders

After decades of being a passionate content creator the idea for MadHouse weirdly enough came to me one morning while trying to solve a tricky issue for Mad Scientist Digital. It was a cloudy autumn morning in Melbourne just before Easter 2017 and on arriving at the office, as part of the usual ritual, there was yet another conversation with Andrew Radics over coffee (who is used to my streams of consciousness) but this one caught his attention immediately. Soon we were riffing on the possibilities of building a contributor community and working out what it would take to make it happen…

It was magic timing because the beautiful thing about this community concept was it was exactly what we were missing at our partner business Mad Scientist Digital. Our clients and friends were craving an opportunity to interact and learn more about what we did and our industry partners wanted to share their knowledge and engage in this process too. We had hit the jackpot before we had even begun – at least in my mind anyway. I really think we could only do this properly by stepping outside the Digital Agency model and so that’s what we have done.

Almost a year later, we have 8 Magazines, not a small task, I’m immensely proud of what we have done here so far and (with your help) I look forward to growing our MadHouse community even further.

Ian Hopkinson