David Guest Contributor

David Guest

David Guest started his business career at age 5 when he worked alongside his parents.David asked the question ‘why do some business owners make lots of money, while others are barely paying the bills?’ As soon as he realised that the answer is that it isn’t the industry, or their aptitude that made the difference, it was something else.

David curiosity led himself to research and read as much as he could about success, business, and why people do what they do. David discovered that “the more you learn the more you earn” and he has been actively educating myself ever since.

David has been a coaching business owner for 20 years; prior to that he was in sales and marketing for 10 years. When his not in the office, he likes to mix it up – spending time with family and friends is a must. Although, he also loves going out into the elements. From kite surfing and snowboarding, to motorbike riding and car racing.